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Brockville West: Gan Coffee Run (104km)

Quiet roads, fast friends (photo: Alan Medcalf)
Trail information: 

This longer out'n'back ride starts and ends in downtown Brockville at the parking lot on Water St. adjacent to City Hall and the restaurant Bud's On The Bay. There is a full assortment of services and facilities in Downtown Brockville.

The route out of town follows residential streets to St. Lawrence Park and then turns west onto King St (Cty Rd 2).

Follow County Road 2 for 50 km, passing through Mallorytown (food/facilities at the general store at corner of Cty Rd 4), Escott, Waterton, Rapid Valley (food/facilities at the corner restaurant), past the 1000 Islands Casino, and into Gananoque.

Continue on Cty Rd 2 (now King St) through downtown to the intersection of Stone St (Cty Rd 32), just past which you'll see the town hall on your right, and the Socialist Pig coffee house on your right.  This is our destination.

For the return route out of Gananoque, either retrace King St or turn right (south) onto Stone St and follow it to the end, then picking up the Ontario Waterfront Trail signs to wind through residential areas back to King St just out of the downtown core.

Follow King St (Cty Rd 2) to the 1000 Islands Parkway exit.

From here, either bear right for the 1000 Islands Parkway route, or continue straight on for the Cty Rd 2 route back to Brockville.  See the cautions below regarding the 1000 Islands Parkway.

If following the 1000 Islands Parkway, do not miss the right turn onto Brockmere Cliff Rd, or you'll find yourself on the Hwy 401 on-ramp! For a more detailed description of the 1000 Islands Parkway corridor option, see the St. Lawrence Recreational Trail route.  

Follow Brockmere Cliff Rd to Cty Rd 2, then turn right onto Cty Rd 2 back to Brockville.

Entering Brockville, pass the cemeteries, the Country Club, and St. Lawrence Park before turning right onto Rivers Ave and retracing the residential route to downtown.

Start Location: 

Downtown Brockville.


A few moderate hills.  Generally relaxed terrain (mostly flat).

52 km each way = 104 km.
Very little.
Bike Suitability: 

Paved all the way - suitable for road, touring or hybrid bike.  

If choosing to ride along the St. Lawrence Recreational Trail (decayed multi-use/shared trail paralleling the roadway along the 1000 Islands Parkway corridor), a hybrid bike is recommended in order to better navigate the stretches of rough/broken asphalt.

Notes and Cautions: 

As always in this area, exercise caution at railway crossings. It's a double main line with high speed trains in both directions.

Country Rd 2 between Brockville and the Hwy 401, and between Mallorytown and Gananoque, have no paved shoulders. However, traffic is light. Assert your presence as you cycle far enough from the edge in a straight line to avoid potholes and remain clearly visible to motorists.

If choosing to use the St. Lawrence Recreational Trail along the 1000 Islands Parkway corridor, watch for sections of broken asphalt, numerous unregulated driveway crossings at a different elevation that hinders your visibility to approaching motorists, and pedestrians and dog walkers with extendible (or no) leashes.

If choosing to ride on the 1000 Islands Parkway, be aware that at some times of the year (summer weekends and holiday periods in particular), traffic may be heavy, with numerous RVs, boat trailers and tour busses.  There are no paved shoulders.  Many motorists do not understand how to share the road and will shout and blow their horns telling cyclists to get off the road and onto the Trail (sidewalk).

Early in the morning, and in shoulder seasons, the 1000 Islands Parkway is a delightful and scenic route.

This is a longer out'n'back cruise from downtown Brockville to the Socialist Pig coffee house in Gananoque.

The route can also be started/ended in Gananoque, with great coffee and treats available in downtown Brockville at Ogies, Tait's Bakery or Boboli.

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