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Brockville West: Yonge Mills (34km)

Trail information: 

This short loop starts and ends in downtown Brockville at the parking lot on Water St. adjacent to City Hall and the restaurant Bud's On The Bay. There is a full assortment of services and facilities in Downtown Brockville.

The route out of town follows residential streets to St. Lawrence Park and then turns west onto King St (Cty Rd 2). Just past the Brockville Country Club, turn right onto Lyn Rd (Cty Rd 46) and cycle past one of four adjoining cemeteries (on your left) that date back to Brockville's founding times.

Follow Lyn Rd as it goes under the CN Rail Toronto-Montreal main line and under Hwy 401, climbing up and over a granite ridge line with exposed rock cuts. This is the biggest climb on this route.

At the stop sign for Cty Rd 27, turn left to continue on Cty Rd 27/46. On your right, you'll pass Burnbrae Farms' headquarters and one of its processing plants. Burnbrae is the largest egg producer in Canada.

A little further along, as you enter the town of Lyn, you'll pass a school on your right and the cenotaph on your left. If you stop at the cenotaph you can look out and down to the south into the Lyn Valley.

At the main intersection in Lyn, bear left with Cty Rd 27. A block further along there's a general store to your right, and continue straight on past Lyn Valley Rd which is on your left.

You're on Cty Rd 27 which is also W Main St out of town, becoming Yonge Mills Dr, a long straight, gently undulating road. After passing Devils Door Rd on your right, on the left you'll pass the Yonge Mills Stone Church, built in 1837.

Be carefull crossing the double rail line just after the church -- this is a busy route and its not at all uncommon for one passing train to end and a second one coming the other way to be hidden behind it.

Continue to follow Yonge Mills Drive to a T-stop at Cty rd 2. Turn left to cruise Cty Rd 2 all the back into Brockville, passing the cemeteries, the Country Club, and St. Lawrence Park before turning right onto Rivers Ave and retracing your route to downtown.

Start Location: 

Downtown Brockville


Some moderate hills.

34 km
Bike Suitability: 

All paved - road, touring, hybrid bikes are suitable.

Notes and Cautions: 

King St and County Rd 2 to Lyn Rd on the way out of Brockville, and Cty Rd 2 from the Hwy 401 interchange at Long Beach east back into Brockville have no paved shoulders.  However, traffic is light on this four lane route.  Assert your presence as you cycle far enough from the curb in a straight line, avoiding the potholes and remaining clearly visible.  

One of a series of out-and-back rides starting and ending in Brockville, exploring the countryside to the west of the city where the ridges of the Arch break through uneroded flats of the St. Lawrence Lowlands. A Google Maps composite of all the routes can be found here.

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