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Westport: Perth Loop (72km)

Trail information: 

See here for information on Westport, and here for information on Perth.

Start Location: 

As shown, Westport, although Perth is an equally good starting point.


Challenging hills and a big climb out of Westport (in either direction).

71.5 km
Challenging hills for most of the distance, especially closer to Westport.
Bike Suitability: 

All paved roads - suitable for road, touring or hybrid bike, although best suited for a road or touring bike.

This route, starting ending ending in Westport with a rest stop in Perth, is a moderate length but challenging route.  

The route explores the rugged northeast corner of the Arch -- full of granite hills and lakes for most of the distance, centred on Westport.  The shorter stretches into and out of Perth provide a gentler landscape on the Ordivician flats of the St. Lawrence lowlands.

The route can be started in either Westport or Perth, and done in either direction.  Regardless of direction, there is a big climb out of Westport!

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