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Browns Bay: River & Ridges 1 (27km)

Trail information: 

If going in a counter-clockwise direction leave the Browns Bay parking lot and cross the Parkway to the Recreational Trail, heading right (northeast).

Following the trail you'll see outcrops of Precambrian shield granite - the 1.2 billion year old foundation remnants of the once-mighty Grenville mountains.  Crossing Jones Creek and climbing the gentle grade on the other side, you'll see outcroppings of sedimentary limestone laid down only 300 to 500 million years ago when the region was covered by tropical ocean.

At the end of the Trail, cross the Parkway again and turn onto Brockmere Cliff Road which runs parallel to Hwy 401, to a T-stop at Cty Rd 2 near the Hwy 401 interchange.

Turn left onto Cty Rd 2 (heading west) and follow it to Mallorytown. Along the way you'll pass several granite rocks cuts, through stands of coniferous and mixed forest, past a few small bogs and ponds, and across both Jones and Lyn Creeks.

When you come to Cty Rd 5 north to Athens, do NOT turn right; rather, keep going into Mallorytown and the junction of Cty Rd 5 which turns off to the left.

If you'd like a rest stop, continue a few hundred metres along Cty Rd 2 to Quabbin Rd where you'll find a large general store with a washroom for customers.

Heading south on Cty Rd 5, you'll pass over Hwy 401 and soon come to a gentle climb up and over a granite ridge before descending to Mallorytown Landing.  

At the intersection of Cty Rd 5 and the Thousands Islands Parkway, you'll find the Thousand Islands National Park visitors centre on the waterfront, with a learning centre, washrooms and children's activities (in season).  

At this intersection, where the St. Lawrence Recreational Trail is to your left, you'll also find another general store (ice cream!).

Continue along the Trail to return to Browns Bay Park.

Start Location: 

Start at the Browns Bay Park area. There is a daily parking fee here.  Here you'll also find, in season, a concession, washrooms and a great swimming beach.

Alternative starting points include Mallorytown Landing (the Parks site between the River and the Parkway at Cty Rd 5) where you'll find parking and washrooms, and Mallorytown, where you'll find a large general store (on-street parking).


Along the St. Lawrence Recreational Trail, the route is relatively flat.

Along Cty Road 2 and 5, there are some gentle hills, with the largest hill being a climb up and over a ridge between the Hwy 401 overpass and the T.I. Pkwy, along Cty Rd 5.

27 km
Flat along the River, gentle hills on Cty Rd 2 & 5.
Bike Suitability: 

All paved; suitable for any bike.

Notes and Cautions: 

The St. Lawrence Recreational trail (SLRT) has some segments that are in poor shape, with cracked and broken pavement. Ride carefully. Exercise caution whenever crossing the 1000 Islands Parkway from the SLRT to attractions on the other side of the Parkway, and back.

The SLRT is a multi-use, shared trail used by walkers (often with dogs), in-line skaters and cyclists. There are often leisurely family groups with young children. Please keep cycling speed below 20 km/h, slow down near pedestrians, and signal passing by bell or voice (e.g. "Behind you ... passing on left side.")

Faster or more experienced/confident cyclists will use the 1000 Islands Parkway rather than risk the surface conditions and goal conflicts with other trail users. There are no paved shoulders along the Parkway. Some motorists on the 1000 Islands Parkway do not understand their obligation to share the road with cyclists and will let their beliefs be known by harrassing cyclists.

Motorists are also sometimes distracted by the scenery. In peak summer season, there are boat trailers, RVs and tour buses on the Parkway as well. Be alert and exercise caution! Riding on the Parkway is not recommended on summer weekends after 9 a.m.  

This is a route suitable for lightly-experienced riders looking to venture a bit further, and comfortable with short stretches on lightly-traffic'd roads without paved shoulders.  These feature make the route not suitable for children or those not comfortable riding on the roads.

This route starts/ends at Browns Bay Park on the Thousand Islands Parkway and includes a stretch of the St. Lawrence Recreational Trail along the River, couple with a stretch of Cty Rd 2 which winds through some of the ridges paralleling the River.

The route can be done in either direction and can easily be extended with segments from the Brockville West set of routes.

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