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Cycle Time!


It is beautiful weather outside and the perfect time of year to get out your bikes. The songbirds are tuning up their vocal chords, which means that it is also a good time for you to tune up your bike and hit the road!

Cycling is a great way to stay in shape, explore the region, and to enjoy the outdoors. There are tons of great cycle routes and areas to explore by bike within FAB. From a casual and relaxed ride on winding country roads to an off-road adventure on the cross-country trails- FAB has it all!

Before you head out on your adventure make sure to get your bike tuned up at a local bike shop. Remember to wear a helmet, and bring water and healthy snacks with you if you are going on a long ride. While you are out on your adventure, plan to stop by a FAB Local Flavours member for a refreshing break. 

Check out our Cycle the Arch section at to find cycle routes for all types of cyclists and information about your favourite local bike shop.

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