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FAB Experiences Guide Information & Rates

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(Click images above to download 2017 Rate Sheet or Media Kit)

What is FAB Experiences?

The FAB Experiences guide and website connects visitors and locals alike to art, local food, heritage, nature and adventure in the 5,000 sq. km. region of the UNESCO Frontenac Arch Biosphere of southeastern Ontario. FAB Experiences is maps, routes, stories, accommodations, businesses, events, resources, services – the most comprehensive print and web program for this special part of the planet. It’s the guide to authentic experiences in this world-renowned region.

The FAB Experiences Guide

  • A 100 page digest-size guidebook to authentic experiences; 30,000 printed and distributed, plus a fold-out map insert, plus a PDF on-line Guide, and strategic distribution to over 250 tourism hotspots in eastern Ontario

FAB Experiences Online

  • The Gateway to discover in depth the 10,000 features, trails, routes, events and local businesses of the 5,000 sq km FAB region; location-specific advertising; themed travel routes; geo-referenced community calendar

The FAB Experiences Brand

  • 2017 will be FAB Experiences’ 5th year. With the all-positive survey feedback from advertisers and readers alike,the 2017 edition will carry more content, special experiences, images and a much bigger map insert.

Why you should list/advertise on FAB Experiences

  • Reach Canadian and International travellers looking for authentic experiences
  • Increase your traffic – precise locations and a detailed directory make you highly visible
  • Visitors discover much more to keep them longer… more opportunities to find and visit you
  • Locals use FAB Experiences to discover more things to do, places to go, businesses to meet, places to take guests

FAB Experiences Guide and Web LISTINGS

The Listings feature local artists, galleries, local food producers, and local food-serving restaurants, farm markets, museums, parks and conservation authorities of the region – appearing in both the Guide and website.



 To book Listings and Advertising space, contact


Print + Online Ads Combinations:


FAB Experiences Map Insert:

A large 36 in. x 24 in. map, folded 9 in x 4 in., will be inserted into each of the 30,000 FAB Experiences Guide books. Side one is the 5,000 sq. KM region of and surrounding the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, with extensive detail on key features, routes and roads, lakes and waterways, all Guide listers’ location – atop a “3D” topographic landscape layer. Side two carries a description of features, community inset maps, images and graphics aimed at helping visitors explore and experience the region. Side two has a limited number of ad positions available. 

To discuss options and combinations, contact for information. 


The Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network (FABN) is a non-profit, non-government organization. Its UNESCO World Biosphere mandate: protect and celebrate globally important natural and cultural heritage, through sustainable community development. FABN’s strategic programs for conservation, education, arts, trails, local food and sustainable tourism serve Leeds-Grenville, the Frontenacs, and Kingston regions. Sponsorships offer businesses and agencies meaningful, rewarding opportunities to support FABN programs. FABN can robustly celebrate sponsors through prominent visibility in the FAB Experiences media, at the FABN’s principal site, in the weekly newsletter (2,000 subscribers), and at workshops and events. To explore sponsorships, please contact

Download the FAB Experiences Information and Rates here 

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