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FAB Wish List

This past spring, we posted a “Wish” list – a list of various needs, from small equipment to printer cartridges – that would help us operate our small office, and better support the FAB Network’s community programs. We must say that we have been humbled by the generosity of responses.

The FAB Network is a not-for-profit, non-government grassroots organization—and a surprise to most people that despite the UNESCO designation has no support by senior government. It is of, for and by the community, and that’s where people like you come in.

Among the recent supporters are Peter and Pixie Tripp of Prescott. Their family, many settled in Canada from Holland, held a picnic lunch family reunion this spring at the Landon Bay Centre, near Gananoque. They asked for a talk and show about the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, and passed the hat to help purchase a new computer tower for a much-needed server and wireless router. Enormous generosity, out of the blue. Thanks to the Tripp family, computer breakdowns are a thing of the past.

Others are helping – Nancy Paul with a portion of her sales of endangered species-related art on stone. Carol Pratt with a portion of sales from her book Forget-Me-Not Farm.  Artist Phil Chadwick has offered a commission on sales of his fabulous paintings. And the list goes on.

And that Wish list? There are still some great needs on this now shortened list, for those who may want a way to pitch in on the sustainable community development programs at FAB.

Thank you, for your support.

The current FAB Wish List. Please contribute any amount to the following much needed items. 

1. An EnergyStar Refrigerator for the FAB Office. The current fridge is used for hosting workshops and meetings of our committees and partners.


 2. Toner Cartridges for the office printer. Many of our grants will not support the purchase of office supplies. This is something that must come out of our own pockets.


3. Furnace Oil. The lovely historic building that acts as the FAB Office has as many drafts as it does character. It takes a significant amount of oil to heat the place during the cold Canadian winter months.





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