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May 2013

Why did the turtle cross the road?

Why did the turtle cross the road? Well, there are a couple of reasons and this is the time of year to keep our eyes open while driving the roads of eastern Ontario. Turtles emerge from their overwintering sites in the early spring and become more and more active as the temperatures rise. Unfortunately, that increased activity can sometimes bring them close to, or on roads. Snapping turtles will often lay their eggs on the sides of roads in sandy/ gravel soils and Blandings turtles will be out crossing roads looking for new habitats.

Buying Local Food is Easy: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

The CSA concept reconnects producers with consumers and empowers members to "vote with their dollars" for ecologically sound, local agriculture. It was brought to the United States by Jan Vander Tuin, from Switzerland and Robyn Van En from Pensylvania. The CSA idea was not a new one in Europe; similar cooperatives existed there for decades as well as in Japan.