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Camping in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere

One of the best ways to enjoy the biosphere is to go camping! Sleeping in a tent provides an excellent opportunity to connect with nature and take a break from the technology and stressors of daily life. The Biosphere has many opportunities to camp whether you prefer backcountry camping or car camping and RV’ing.  

Backcountry camping opportunities:

  • Charleston Lake provincial park 
  • Frontenac provincial park 
  • 1000 islands national park has boat access campgrounds on the islands 

Campgrounds for car and RV accessible camping:

  • 1000 Islands RV Centre
  • Skycroft Campground
  • Whitehouse campgrounds
  • Happy green acres campground 
  • And many more!

Outfitters to rent canoes and gear at:

  • Frontenac outfitters
  • Trailhead Kingston

Whether backcountry camping or even just day hiking it is crucial that the tenets of the “leave no trace” philosophy are followed. This includes bringing all of your garbage and food scraps back out with you, using biodegradable soaps and disposing of soapy water in small dug pits far away from water sources, and disposing of human waste in designated pit toilets or burying it in holes dug far away from water sources. Camping with a leave no trace philosophy ensures a minimal impact on the aquatic environment and other wildlife and preserves the biosphere region for future generations. To learn more about “leave no trace” visit: 

Safety in the backcountry is also critical. There are bears in the Frontenac Arch, so food needs to be stored away from campsites in appropriate containers and bags. First aid kits large enough for each party should be carried and first aid training is recommended. Telling someone where you are going and when you will be back is also important for arranging rescue missions if the need arises. Reducing risk and preparing for unexpected circumstances will make backcountry camping more enjoyable and fun!

Most of Ontario’s unceded lands (known also as crown land) are in Northern Ontario however there is some in the biosphere but it is the responsibility of the hiker or camper to know the status of the land they are on as trespassing is illegal and in some cases can be dangerous as you might not know the hazards of someone else’s property. 

RV’ing and car camping opportunities are numerous in the biosphere region and can be a great way to experience the biosphere, especially for families!



Camping in Frontenac park