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We hear them all summer long, but how much do you really know about cicadas? Cicadas are insects, best identified by the songs made by male cicadas in the heat of summer. There are over 3,000 different species of cicadas, covering much of the globe - from Canada to Europe to Australia. 


The Value of Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is a powerful tool that can help foster respect for nature and an ecological and environmental ethic in children. At the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network, we believe that outdoor learning is a valuable tool that can help connect children to the amazing biosphere they live in and promote sustainable mindsets that can be shared throughout the community. 

Ways to reduce single-use plastics and protect our waterways!

In honour of #TipTuesdays, this week’s blog post will be focused on single-use plastics and the impact microplastics have in our waterways. One single-use water bottle can take up to 450 years to break down and in the process is broken down into smaller, more detrimental pieces – microplastics. Here are some easy ways to reduce your the amount of single-use plastics you use and help protect our beautiful waterways!

Paddle the Amazing Places in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Region

There is nothing quite like a calm morning on the water. Hearing the gentle splash as your paddle dips into the quiet waters, seeing your destination approach but not in any rush to get there because you know the journey is why you came. Whether by canoe or kayak, there is something magical about gliding through the water surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Soaring Back

Sometimes you hear and see things that indicate something may be in the area before you know it. Birds like loons may start calling in panicked warning to their fellow feathered friends. You may hear a dozen ducks taking off from their watery calm, a beaver tail’s splash. Songbirds seen and heard feeding and frolicking overhead suddenly may disappear to the sheltered shadows of forest cover. And then it may go silent.