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I believe I can fly

An interesting way to bring attention to endangered species. 

The kakapo is a great example of how species evolution can go along swimmingly until we humans get involved. The kakapo is a large flightless parrot found only in New Zealand and isn't found there very much any more. New Zealand is like many islands, where only the birds and insects that could fly there settled and established populations. Without large mammals about, the kakapo had no worries and spent most of the time wandering around on the ground eating. Being a rather heavy bird, the kakapo soon realized that without worries, the whole idea of flight seemed a little ridiculous and a waste of energy. Over time, the kakapo evolved to become flightless...essentially it forgot how to fly. Then humans showed up with cats, rats, goats and other "worries". Unfortunately, the kakapo had forgotten how to fly but perhaps even more unfortunate, the kakapo had forgotten that it had forgotten how to fly. So now, when faced with a worry, the kakapo will run up a tree to its tallest branches and jump, in hopes to fly away, forgetting that it has forgotten how to fly. There are now only about 100 left in New Zealand. 

For a further glimpse into the life of the kakapo, there is this you tube scene from BBC's "Last Chance to See".