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“Understanding Indigenous Lifeways Locally and Across Canada”

The Elgin and Area Heritage Society presents Dr. Terri-lynn Brennan, CEO of Inclusive Voices Inc.and Leader in Inter-Cultural Planning and Indigenous Inclusions speaking on “Understanding Indigenous Lifeways Locally and Across Canada” To be held at the Elgin Red Brick School. All welcome. Good Will Donation only.

Mallorytown Talk-Rush to Danger-Medics in the Line of Fire - Ted Barris

Join Ted Barris, award winning CBC broadcaster, historian, author, and journalism professor as he discusses his latest book, Rush to Danger: Medics in the Line of Fire. Ted has retraced his father’s wartime experience, as well as that of other military medical personnel, to show stories of those who chose to go where wounded soldiers lay - to rush to danger - as far back as the U.S. Civil War and on into the 21st century wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Copies of the book will be for sale at the presentation Admission: $10 a person at the door Refreshments to follow The 1000 Islands River Heritage Society and the Mallory Coach House Committee are pleased to present this event as part of their commitment to the heritage and culture of our local communities. Like us on Facebook-Mallory Coach House-Mallorytown

Creating a Community

Creating a Community The latest exhibit of the Elgin and Area Heritage Society, ‘Creating a Community’, highlights family trees/stories/photos from a number of South Crosby families. These detail and personalize the lives and values of our ancestors and ourselves. And reveal how these families (and others like them) form part of a broader chronicle showing the ongoing creation of our community. ‘The past doesn’t stay in the past.’ The display arose from a 2017 Rideau Lakes Township project wherein those families which had retained ownership of a specific property since 1867 were documented. From that list the EAHS added South Crosby families of equal (or longer) habitation, not tied to a particular section of land. A video especially made for this presentation will accompany and supplement the viewers’ enjoyment of ‘Creating a Community’. Added to this will be an array of family artifacts. Stories such as a baptism dress which has been worn by at least 92 family babies in the past 110 years, use of oxen to pull logs for the building of a Bush schoolhouse, annual cattle drives and the 1817 long walk from Brockville to Perth for an Irish born family all form part of this display.

Leeds County Heritage Network

LCHN announces their first Leeds Heritage Day event as about a dozen sites will be open without charge. The public is invited to explore, interact, and experience the very interesting and unique history of each area. Sites will offer refreshments, a chance to research, and also contribute to existing archival information. The event is part of a celebration of their newly updated website and brochure.

Mallorytown Talks - The Brockville Infantry Company Citizen Soldiers and Canadian Patriotism in the 1860s

Brian Porter will tell the story of local militia units that were formed all across British North America at the time of the U.S. Civil War, due to fear of American invasion. Irish Fenians attacked at Fort Erie and the Eastern Townships of Quebec in June 1866. John A. Macdonald, Premier of Canada West and Minister of Militia, called out the local militias, including the Brockville Infantry and the Brockville Rifles. A new sense of patriotism was developing among the scattered British colonies in North America on the eve of Confederation.

Mallorytown Talks - History of Slavery Along the St. Lawrence

This presentation by Jennifer DeBruin explores the connection of this region to the history of slavery in North America. While information on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and a brief history of slavery in Canada and the US will provide an understanding of the magnitude of this tragic institution, it most importantly gives a voice to those who were enslaved.

Mallorytown Talks -Discovering Winter Vaults (“Dead Houses”)

Join Stephen Heaton,for an intriguing look into how people dealt with a very real challenge in days gone by! Winter vaults, commonly known as "dead houses ", were used to store the bodies of those who died over the winter months. Nearly all the vaults to be discussed by Stephen Heaton are within a 60 km. radius of Mallorytown so you will all be able to go "dead house" hunting after the talk! The 1000 Islands River Heritage Society and the Mallory Coach House Committee are pleased to present this event as part of their commitment to the heritage and culture of our local communities.