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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Creating a Community

Creating a Community The latest exhibit of the Elgin and Area Heritage Society, ‘Creating a Community’, highlights family trees/stories/photos from a number of South Crosby families. These detail and personalize the lives and values of our ancestors and ourselves. And reveal how these families (and others like them) form part of a broader chronicle showing the ongoing creation of our community. ‘The past doesn’t stay in the past.’ The display arose from a 2017 Rideau Lakes Township project wherein those families which had retained ownership of a specific property since 1867 were documented. From that list the EAHS added South Crosby families of equal (or longer) habitation, not tied to a particular section of land. A video especially made for this presentation will accompany and supplement the viewers’ enjoyment of ‘Creating a Community’. Added to this will be an array of family artifacts. Stories such as a baptism dress which has been worn by at least 92 family babies in the past 110 years, use of oxen to pull logs for the building of a Bush schoolhouse, annual cattle drives and the 1817 long walk from Brockville to Perth for an Irish born family all form part of this display.