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Kingston Field Naturalist - Field Trip: “Conduct a CBC Survey” part 2 at Frog Woods

Interested in learning how to conduct a Christmas Bird Count survey? Our local CBC’s are always seeking Citizen Scientists to help tally winter birds. Basic bird ID skills paired with enthusiasm is all you really need, yet the logistics and data-collection aspects of surveying can appear daunting the first time. This two-part training session is suitable for anyone who has never led a CBC survey (or even participated on a CBC!) and will cover the basics of surveying: 1) Form your team, 2) Obtain a survey route/area, 3) Assign tasks, 4) Calculate distance, 5) Calculate effort, and 6) Tally birds! While each of the virtual and outdoor sessions can suffice on its own, some aspects of surveying are better demonstrated online while others are best practiced in the field.

For this outdoor session, join Carolyn Bonta on a mock CBC survey along the trails of Tree Frog Woods near Verona. Experienced birders and CBC surveyors are encouraged to attend and help mentor the new cohort. This outing will run approximately 2 hours over ~3 km of gentle trails. There are benches and a pit privy on site. Bad weather date will be Sunday, December 13. Zoom details and directions to Tree Frog Woods will be provided upon registration.


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Carolyn Bonta