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Amherst Island Amble


Trail Information

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This tour explores Amherst Island, a large and nearly flat limestone island at the west edge of Kingston. It’s a tranquil place, farmland for the most part, but where you can see, feel and hear the influence of Lake Ontario.

There are two possibilities as places to begin the tour. The island ride is about 32 KM in length. Getting there means taking the Amherst Island Ferry, from the village of Millhaven. The trip could begin from the ferry dock – either parking there, or taking a vehicle with the bikes to the island. Alternatively, the ride could start at the west edge of Kingston, at the parking at the Lemoine Point Conservation area. In this case, the ride would follow the shoreline through residential areas to countryside.

Assuming the longer ride, start from the conservation area’s north parking lot. There are washroom facilities there. Ride out the Service Road, turning onto Cloverdale Drive by the yacht harbour, and continue to and then cross Bayview Ave. Turn left on Bath Road. It’s a busy highway, and four lanes at this point, but does have paved shoulders for some distance.

Ride west on Bath Rd., which is also Hwy. 33. After Collins Bay Rd., Bath Rd. becomes two lanes, and where the paved shoulders are along some but not all stretches of the road. Past the community of Amherstview traffic becomes lighter, and the road more countryside than community. You’ll come to County Rd. 4, and shortly after to the ferry dock on the waterfront. The ferry schedule is at It runs 6:00 am – 1:30 am, leaving the mainland on the half hour and the island on the hour. Fares (currently) are $1.50 for bicycles, and $9.00 for cars, round trip.

If you’re too early (or late) for the ferry, there are cafes in Bath, just a little over a kilometer further west on Bath Rd. If starting the ride from the ferry, you can park at the mainland dock, or on the island at the village of Stella, at the island side.

On the island, some roads are paved, but most are gravel, though kept in fair shape. Off the ferry, ride up the Stella 40 Foot Rd. – actually, more like a hundred meters, and turn right onto Front Road, riding west from the village. Front Rd. follows the water’s edge for much of its length. The island loop would turn right/south on Emerald 40 Foot Rd. (also much longer than 40 feet). But, an interesting side loop and better feel of island life would be to pass the Emerald Rd. and ride on the 2 KM to Topsy Farm, a sheep farm and wool shop.

Ride down the Emerald Rd. to the island’s Lake Ontario shore and turn left on Concession 3 until the T-stop at the Stella 40 Foot Rd. Turn right, and ride south to the shore again, and turn left/east on the South Shore Rd. which winds along the wind-swept shore and farmland edges. At the Lower 40 Foot Rd. turn left/north and ride inland across the island to intersect the Front Rd., which going west will bring you back to the village of Stella. In Stella, you’ll come to the Amherst Island Museum – the island story – and to the Stella Café where you can refuel, and await the ferry to return to the mainland.

If returning to the Lemoine Point Conservation Area, retrace the route back along Bath Rd.

Start Location

Either from the north parking area at the Lemoine Point Conservation Area, or from the Amherst Island Ferry dock at Millhaven


Flat terrain.


Depending on route: 32-75 kilometers

Bike Suitability

Paved road on the mainland, mostly smooth gravel roads on the island – touring, hybrid or for the island mountain bikes with suitable tires.

Notes and Cautions

Be aware of following and converging traffic on busy Bath Rd. Time your rides to fit the ferry schedule.