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Browns Bay: River and Ridges 1 (27km)

Trail Information

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Chimney Island

This fairly short tour starts and ends at a day-use picnic and swimming area, with a stop along the way to explore local history, and refresh.

A counter-clockwise ride leaves the Browns Bay parking lot to cross the Parkway to the Recreational Trail, heading right/northeast. The trail climbs a ridge and rockcut of sandstone, its layers from a hundred million years of sediment settling on ancient ocean floors. Atop the ridge, on the left is Skywood – tree-top walkways and zip lines to explore the forest from a new angle. A downhill glide crosses Jones Creek, which wends far into the Frontenac Arch Biosphere almost to Charleston Lake. Climbing the grade on the other side are more of the sedimentary sandstone laid down only 300 to 500 million years ago.

At the end of the Trail, cross the Parkway again, and onto Brockmere Cliff Road which runs parallel to Hwy. 401, to a T-stop at Cty. Rd. 2 near the Hwy 401 interchange. Turn left/west onto Cty. Rd. 2 and follow the paved shoulder to Mallorytown. Along the way are granite rocks cuts, nearly a billion years older than the sandstone along the Parkway, and stands of wildlife-rich mixed forest, past small marshes and ponds, and across both Jones and Lyn Creeks.

When you come into Mallorytown and if you'd like a rest stop, continue a few metres more to the Mallory Coach House, with stories of this historic village, and washrooms. A little further is a Freshmart grocery, with drinks and snacks.

Back to Cty. Rd. 5, turn right/south and pass over Hwy 401 and soon come to a gentle climb up and over a granite ridge before descending to Mallorytown Landing. Thousand Islands National Park has a visitors centre on the waterfront, with washrooms and children's activities (in season).

At this intersection, take the St. Lawrence Recreational Trail to your left/east, and return to Browns Bay Park.

Start Location

Start at the Browns Bay Park area. There is a daily parking fee here. Here you'll also find, in season, a concession, washrooms and a great swimming beach.


Along the St. Lawrence Recreational Trail, the route is relatively flat.

There are some gentle hills along the other roads.


27 km

Bike Suitability

All paved; suitable for any bike.

Notes and Cautions

County Road 5, from Mallorytown to the Thousand Islands Parkway does not have paved shoulders – use caution. This is a route suitable for lightly-experienced riders looking to venture a bit further.

Additional Information

This is a route suitable for lightly-experienced riders looking to venture a bit further, and comfortable with short stretches on lightly-traffic'd roads without paved shoulders. These feature make the route not suitable for children or those not comfortable riding on the roads.

This route starts/ends at Browns Bay Park on the Thousand Islands Parkway and includes a stretch of the St. Lawrence Recreational Trail along the River, couple with a stretch of Cty Rd 2 which winds through some of the ridges paralleling the River.

The route can be done in either direction and can easily be extended with segments from the Brockville West set of routes.