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Cataraqui - Inverary Cruise Loop

Trail Information

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North of Kingston, the limestone plains of the west flanks of the Frontenac Arch become rolling hills because of the uplift of the Arch, eons ago. It makes for a pleasant rural countryside of farms and woodlots, pastures and wetlands. This loop starts at the Little Cat Centre of the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, just north of Hwy. 401 on Division St./County Rd. 10. Plan either coming or going to visit the nature exhibits in the Centre, where there are washrooms.

Out the service road, turn left/north onto Cty. Rd. 10. Less than 2 KM, turn left/west on Burbrook Rd., and across forest and field to turn right/north on Cordukes Rd. At a T-stop with Unity Rd., turn right/east, past a large solar farm on the left, and to the intersection of Cty. Rd. 9/Sydenham Rd. at Elginburg. Ride north on Cty. Rd. 9 and in about 2Km turn off to the right on Latimer Rd.

Latimer Rd. first wanders northeast across forest edge and farmland, then straight jogs north then east heading towards the village of Inverary. On the east-bound leg, the Inverary golf course will be on the south side, where is a restaurant and washrooms. At Inverary, keep on Latimer Rd., crossing Cty. Rd. 10 to Round Lake Rd., which turns south to intersect Moreland-Dixon Rd./S. Frontenac Rd. 12. Turn left, riding east with a glimpse of the top of Collins Lake, and wend the way to the village of Sunbury, and Cty. Rd. 11/Battersea Rd. Turn right/south on Cty. Rd. 11 – which becomes Montreal St. in Kingston. Just after the Fairmont home and the County of Frontenac offices, there’s a long downhill glide – but an equal uphill grind.

Before getting to Hwy. 401, turn right/west on McAdoo’s Lane, and ride past the wrecking yard where cars are brought for parts and scrap, and at the stop, turn right/north on Cty. Rd. 10. In about 2 KM, down the steep hill, is the place you started at the Little Cat Centre.

Start Location

At the parking area at the Little Cat of the Cataraqui Region Conservation Area


Rolling hills, but lots of flat terrain.


45 km

Bike Suitability

Paved road suitable for road, touring, hybrid or bikes with suitable tires.

Notes and Cautions

No paved shoulders except for the Cty. Rd. 10 short stretch - be aware of following and converging traffic.