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Gananoque: Marble Rock Roll (23km)

Trail Information

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Marble Rock Trail

Start at Joel Stone Park on the waterfront in Gananoque, adjacent to parking and all facilities, only a couple of blocks from the main downtown street.

Follow the Waterfront Trail signage past the 1000 Islands Playhouse and residential neighbourhoods to Cty Rd 2 (also King St), turning right to follow it past the strip malls, past the Shoreline Casino and the 401 interchange and then, thankfully, into the countryside.

Watch for the signs for the left turn onto Hiscocks Rd, also Cty Rd 34. Climb through some gentle hills on the way to Emery where the route turns left onto the Marble Rock Rd.

The Marble Rock Rd winds up and down toward the Gananoque River, crossing it at Marble Rock, and continues on until it T-stops at Cty Rd 32.

Turn left onto Cty Rd 32 and spin along, crossing the Gan River once again at Maple Grove. After Cheeseborough, take care passing over Hwy 401 where traffic may be turning on/off Cty Rd 32.

You're now on the home stretch back to town. Cty Rd 32 becomes Stone Street and will lead you right into the heart of downtown, across King St, and back to Water St. Here you can turn left, across the Gan River one last time, to finish at Joel Stone Park and find an ice cream cone as a reward for a great ride.

Start Location


A few rolling hills.


23 km



Bike Suitability

All paved roads - suitable for road, touring or hybrid bike.

Notes and Cautions

At times Cty Rd 2 (King St) and Cty Rd 32 (Stone St) can be busy with commuter or holiday traffic. Pick your time for this route when roads in/out of Gananoque are quieter.

Additional Information

A short loop preferably done on a quiet weekend morning when the county roads in and out of Gananoque are really quiet.

This route is a nice one for adventurous yet inexperienced cyclists on a quiet day. The distance is not too long, yet the route provides exposure to a variety of terrain, around the Gananoque River watershed.

It's not a suitable route for small children, although older children who are accompanied by an experienced adult and are able to ride a predictable straight line and have knowledge of the rules of the road, will do fine.