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Ivy Lea - Ottawa

Tour du Canada group reaches Ottawa
Tour du Canada group reaches Ottawa (Photo: Alan Medcalf)

Trail Information

Starting at the corner of the 1000 Islands Parkway and Cty Rd 3, proceed east along the Parkway corridor, using either the St. Lawrence Recreational Trail (off road paralleling the road) or the roadway (no shoulders) depending on traffic and your own comfort level.

Follow the parkway corridor to Rockport, only 4km, past massive outcroppings of pink granite, and scenic overlooks of the Thousand Islands and the St. Lawrence River.

Turn right into Rockport, an historic village in the heart of the 1000 Islands, and a delightful place to stay as a base for bicycle tours exploring the surrounding area.

Leaving Rockport, cross the 1000 Islands Parkway and climb the hill on the Rockport-Escott Road. You're climbing up and over (yes, you'll have a nice downhill run) a granite ridge paralleling the river, with exposed rock cuts. Descending from the ridge, you'll pass under Hwy 401, perhaps without even realizing it's there.

The rest of the ride along the road to Escott is well-paved and very quiet, through rural farmland -- some dairy, some goat herds and some active ranches.

At the T-stop where the Escott-Rockport Rd ends at Cty Rd 2, turn right to continue on to Mallorytown (about 6 km). At this corner though is the heritage Springfield House which houses a library and a small museum on the uppper floor. Built around 1871, you can learn more about the history of this building and the town on the Leeds & 1000 Islands Historical Society webpage.

From Escott, head east on County Rd 2 towards Mallorytown. While there are no paved shoulders, this road is almost always very quiet. In Mallorytown, there's a large general store with a washroom, located at corner of Quabbin Rd (a.k.a. Cty Rd 4) and Cty Rd 2.

From Mallorytown, continue east on County Rd 2 for a short distance to the junction of Cty Rd 5 where you want to turn left (north).

Follow County Rd 5 as you wind your way over a couple more granite ridges, past Macintosh Mills and watching for your next right turn onto Temperance Lake Road, running northeast.

Temperance Lake road winds along the northern shore of this small shallow lake before straightening out and meeting Cty Rd 29 at Glen Buell, where you want to cautiously cross straight over and continue on what is now Cty Rd 28.

Follow Cty Rd 28 through dairy farms and past New Dublin to a T-stop with Cty Rd 6. Turn left onto Cty Rd 6 and continue on to a T-stop with Cty Rd 15 at North Augusta.

While our route turns left, if you're in need of washroom/drinks/food, turn left and go about 100m to the Creekside Diner, a family-run business with great coffee, inexpensive meals and great home baking. Return to the corner of Cty Roads 6 and 15, and continue north on Cty Rd 15 towards Merrickville.

Merrickville has full facilities including many restaurants and coffee bars. For a nice rest stop, visit the park on the riverside and watch the boats transit the hand-operated lock on the Rideau Heritage Waterway.

To continue our route, follow Main St E out of town. Traffic may be somewhat busy if it's a peak time in the summer. Watch for the left turn onto Cty Rd 23 or "River Road" and all the traffic will quickly vanish as you settle into a relaxed pace along this road that goes all the way to Kemptville. There are a few places where the road swings right away from the river and you need to turn left to regain the river route.

Approaching Kemptville, you'll come to a T-stop at Cty Rd 44 at Becketts Landing. Turn left to cross the bridge over the Rideau River and bear right to continue on Cty Rd 5 past Rideau River Provincial Park and on to Ottawa.

Start Location

This route is documented in the Ivy Lea to Ottawa direction, although it can be reversed quite easily.


Gently rolling to flat.


153 km


Only a handful of gentle grades and short rolling hills.

Bike Suitability

All paved roads - hybrid, touring or road bike is most suitable.

Notes and Cautions

Consult with Ottawa sources for the best routes in/out of Ottawa during construction season (summer).

Additional Information

This route provides a relatively quiet and flat-to-gently-rolling path between the International Bridge crossing from the USA at Ivy Lea, and Ottawa.

The main route segments from Ivy Lea to Kemptville are well-traveled and will be kept current in this database. Cyclists are advised to consult with knowlegeable sources in Ottawa for current information on surburban construction projects that may necessitate different routes into the Ottawa core.

The start point for this route, in Ivy Lea, is also accessible via the Waterfront Trail route from Kingston, making this route an alternate (although slightly longer) Kingston to Ottawa route.