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K&P – Quabbin Cruise Loop

Trail Information

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The K&P Trail from Kingston offers a number of start points for both in-city and country cruises. The downtown portions of this superb trail are paved, but are not paved – though of fine crushed stone – from the north edge of the city, and through the country. “K&P” stands for Kingston and Pembroke Railway, one of the several original rail routes that wove across eastern Ontario to connect commercial opportunities, and communities, in days before roads and vehicles made them obsolete. Today, some of these rail routes have been converted to recreational trails – excellent because they follow easy contours that engines on iron rails could handle, and because they link communities and people.

This loop starts from a connection to the old K&P rail bed on the west side of Sydenham Rd., just south of Hwy. 401. It follows the old rail bed on a stone dust path parallel to Hwy. 401, and turns north under a broad tunnel under the highway, and continues north.

Not far north of Hwy. 401 the trail loops around a ridge, turning west, southwest and then north again. At the place where it crosses Orser Rd., leave the K&P turning left/west for 1.5KM on Orser Rd. At the intersection with Hwy. 38, turn right and ride north about 800 meters on 38, and turn left/west onto Quabbin Rd. This pleasant, lightly-travelled country road through farmland and woodlands ends at Unity Rd. Turn right/west on Unity Rd., and watch for Howes Rd. Turn left onto Howes Rd., where it runs south with a tranquil laneway feel, then makes a 90 degree left turn, heading east. A couple more right then left turns, and it becomes Smith Rd. This comes to a T-stop at Westbrook Rd.

Turn right on Westbrook Rd., and riding south, cross over Hwy. 401. In about a kilometer, turn left/east on Creekford Rd., and cross Hwy. 38/Gardiners Rd. where Creekford becomes Centennial Rd., continue to where the road ends just past the Robinson Group building. There, a pathway has been worn into the ground that in 200 meters intercepts the K&P Trail. Turn right on the trail, and follow it back to your start point at Sydenham Rd.

Start Location

At the parking area west side of Sydenham Rd., 400 meters south of Hwy. 401


Gently rolling hills, but lots of flat terrain.


34 km

Bike Suitability

Paved roads, but unpaved K&P Trail - possible for road, touring, hybrid bikes

Notes and Cautions

No paved shoulders - be aware of following and converging traffic