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Lemoine Point, Bath & Odessa Ramble

Trail Information

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This loop is a more ambitious ride to the west of Kingston, but has opportunities to stop along the way to enjoy the journey.

Start at the Lemoine Point Conservation Area north parking area, near Collins Bay. Locate it by driving into it west off Bayridge Drive to Coverdale drive, past rows of sailboats at Collins Bay marina and at the end of Coverdale Dr., left onto the service road into the conservation area.

For this ride, reverse your drive into the conservation area, out on Cloverdale, crossing Bay Ridge Dr., and to the intersection and light at Bath Road. Cross and turn west on Bath’s paved shoulder, to Collins Bay Rd., which has marked cycling lanes. Turn north on Collins Bay Rd. Ride north to Taylor Kidd Blvd., and turn left/west.

Taylor Kidd is a commuter route but has less traffic generally than Bath Rd., and has paved shoulders for some of its length, and traverses farm and woodlands rather than the urban strip. In about 12 km there is a T-stop at County Rd. 4.

Turn left/south and in about a kilometer come to the stop at Millhaven, at Bath Rd./Hwy. 33. Turn right/west, and come to the village of Bath in about 2.5 KM. There are restaurants, a bakery and washrooms to refuel and refresh in Bath – a charming village, and worth exploring.

In Bath, turn right/north on Church St./County. Rd. 7. Follow it across the farmland and woodland patches – hardly a bend in the flat road – to the T-stop at County Rd. 2. Turn right/east and ride along cautious of traffic to the village of Odessa, where there are restaurants to refuel, and washrooms.

To return to Kingston, go through Odessa to the Wilton Rd., and turn right/south. This road with its paved shoulders takes you across the countryside to intersect with Taylor Kidd Blvd., where you’ll turn left/east to retrace the ride route back to Collins Bay Dr., to Bath Rd., to Cloverdale and back to the Lemoine Point start.

Start Location

Lemoine Point Conservation Area north parking area, near Collins Bay




58 km

Bike Suitability

All Types