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The Meteoric Ride: Sydenham Short Cruise

Trail Information

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This is a short trip out to view the Holleford Meteor Crater, on generally quiet country roads.

Not from Sydenham? Find parking at the library lot, at the intersection of Wheatley and George Streets. Ride north on George to where it intersects Bedford Rd./Cty. Rd. 19. There, you can pick up the Cataraqui Trail, a stone dust path and turn onto it, left/west – or if you prefer, go left/west on Bedford St. On Bedford, in about 800 meters is Walker Rd. Proceed west on Walker to the stop at Loughborough-Portland Boundary Rd. The Cataraqui Trail path also intersects that road at about the same place.

Turn right/north on the Loughborough-Portland Boundary Rd. Follow it as it rolls past farms, cedar rail fences and forest edges until to comes to an intersection - actually a sharp left with no stop sign - with Vanluven Rd. Vanluven Rd. will soon make a sharp right and then gentle lefts through woodlands. To the right will be New Morin Rd., which you’ll take to ride north on the hilly landscape. In about 1.5 KM after a short downhill glide is an intersection with the Holleford Rd. Turn left/west.

That last downhill was your ride into the southeast part of the meteor crater. On the north side of the road is Crater Farm, cattle pasturing in the crater. About 300 meters west on Holleford Rd., on the north side is a bronze and green historic plaque about the origin of the crater, into which you are looking. The south rim is the gentle hillside behind you, and the north side is in the forested ridge 800 meters in front of you. A half billion years ago, a meteor about 100 meters in diameter travelling at nearly 45 times the speed of sound smashed into the granite bedrock here, creating a crater 2.5 kilometers diameter and some 250 meters deep. Over time, the high rim has weathered down considerably, and the depression has been largely filled with sandstone and limestone bedrock that formed when the crater was in oceans and tropical seas o but when you now know where to look, you can still see the massive outline.

Ride west from the viewpoint about 1.5 KM where Holleford Rd. makes a left turn, to continue south. At Vanluven Rd., turn left again and follow it back to the Loughborough-Portland Boundary Rd., and the return to Sydenham.

Start Location

Sydenham, the library parking area.


Hilly farmland for most of the way


18 km

Bike Suitability

All paved, except for the smooth stone dust Cataraqui Trail section - suitable for road, touring or hybrid bikes.

Notes and Cautions

No paved shoulders on narrower country roads, with light traffic – be aware of vehicles coming from behind.