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Henry C. Daryaw

Trail Information

Built in 1919, the Daryaw was a 220' long steel freighter that sunk in 1941 in collision when she ran upon a the shoal between American and Canadian Channels. The navigator did not see the shoal in a deep fog and she run into the shoal bow first with significant speed. She sunk soon after. During sinking, she flipped upside down and landed right next to the wall with the deepest part at 90'.




6 miles west of Brockville, Ontario and approximately 1/4 mile from shore

The current is strong to ripping, but the wall provides a little protection once you get down the the wreck. The descent line is ties near the props and then another line leads to the block on the bottom. There is a line running alongside the wreck that could be used for pulling when the current is just too strong.