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Lillie Parsons

Trail Information

The Lillie Parsons was launched on September 14, 1868 in Tonawanda, New York. She is a centerboard schooner with a length of 131 feet long and a 500-ton capacity. The Lillie Parsons carried coal, lumber, wheat, barley, railroad iron, and salt, and was sailed by a crew of six.  On her last voyage, to Brockville, she hit a rock and took on water when her cargo shifted during a squall.  She sank off Sparrow Island, August 5, 1877.




Sparrow Island about 2 miles up river from Brockville, Ontario.

Although this location is considered a shore dive, you need to get to the Island this wreck is off of. It is a great place to dock your boat and have a picnic, or find a local charter operator that will drop you off in the morning and pick you up later that day. The Lillie is one of the areas most popular wrecks, lying upside down in 50-70' off the Sparrow Island, in a strong current on the edge of the shipping channel. Recommended diving off the Lillie is off of Sparrow Island. Walk across the island to the west side and enter the water near the anchor sitting on shore. Follow the anchor chain down to the wreck. Depending on the current, you might feel like a flag in the wind. Explore the wreck and then drift around the island back to where the boat is docked. You will have to pay close attention to detail as to not miss the end of the island. There is normally a rope line running up to the edge of the bay where the boats park.