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Trail Information

"Muskie" has become a favorite regional site. This net 245 ton wooden tugboat was built in 1896 in Port Huron, Michigan. The vessel suffered a fire before sinking to her resting spot 1.5 mile downstream from Blockhouse Island on Friday, August 15, 1936. The Muscallonge was noted as the largest tug on the Lakes and St.Lawrence River in her day. She departed Montreal destined for Port Credit, towing the small tug Ajax and the barge Brice Hudson loaded with crude oil. The fire is believed to have started in the boiler compartment and spread rapidly. The Muscallonge was then run aground and all of the crew got off safely. Eventually the tug broke in two as it slid into deeper water.




Three miles east of Brockville, Ontario.  Approximately 1 1/2 miles down river from Block House Island.

The wreck sits in 98' on a firm bottom.  The "Muskie" is a boat dive, resting about 300' from shore in a quick current. Although the evidence of the fire that claimed her is clear, her boiler and engine remain impressive and her starboard side remains in tact.