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Robert Gaskin

Trail Information

Originally a three masted wooden barge, it was launched at Kingston on April 21, 1889. In 1889 the Gaskin was being used as a salvage barge to help salvage the railroad ferry Armstrong that had sunk.  During this process, a salvage pontoon broke loose and holed the Gaskin.  She then sank right on top of the boat that she was attempting to salvage.  Several weeks later the Robert Gaskin was raised and towed 600 feet before she sank again for the last time on September 18th, 1889.




A large anchor is located off the bow of the Gaskin. She sits a half mile downstream from the Brockville waterfront and river focal point, "Blockhouse Island" and lies perpendicular to the current at a 55' depth at the bow, 70' stern, which sticks out towards the channel and shipping lane. The upstream shipping channel is very close to the stern and caution is advised.