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SS Keystorm

Trail Information

The region's premier wreck; this 2300 ton steamer was built in Wellsand, England in 1909 for the Keystorm Transportation Company of Montreal. She measures 250 feet in length with a 42.5 foot beam.  Carrying 2230 tons of bituminous coal from Genesee Dock at Charlotte, NY and under the command of Capt. L Daigualt, she was 45 minutes past Alexandria Bay in dense fog on October 12, 1912 when she crossed over Outer Scow Island Shoal and in minutes, was on the bottom without fatalities.


One mile west of Oak Island - middle of St Lawrence River

Keystorm now lays on her starboard side, bow in 20' and stern in 115' and was declared unsalvageable. Double wrappings of 4" cable at 20' intervals remain as evidence of salvage attempts.

Many divers quickly acclimate at the bow area and follow the port (shallowest) side to the stern and drop over for a look at the prop at 115' and then return to the deck and weave their way back to the bow. If uncomfortable, stop midship and push away from the deck about 30-50' and visually encompass the wreck stem to stern. With the exhaust of other divers, it is quite a sight viewing that much wreck, with clear water and exhaust bubbles climbing to the surface, just like in the tropics.