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Wolfe Islander II

Trail Information

This 80' long car ferry, built in 1946, ferried cars and trucks between Wolfe Island and Kinston for 30 years.  On September 21, 1985 she was intentionally sunk as a diving site by area divers and became the first commercial vessel to be scuttled in the Great Lakes.  It is has become one of the region's most popular wrecks. Dropping down the line and reaching the bow davit, it is only another dozen feet to the open door of the wheel house. Within the doorways, the air pocket above divers' heads is exhaust from previous divers and is not for breathing.

On the starboard side divers encounter a stainless steel tube which is a 'time capsule' and contains memorabilia from 1985 for the people of 2035. A nearby doorway leads to the engine room and only divers with wreck penetration experience, skills and training should proceed here.




Three miles east of Kinston, Ontario

Depth 85 ft (25.9 m)