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St Lawrence River, Thousand Islands Geology Boat Tour

Geology Boat Tour
Trail information: 

The information for this Geology Tour is taken from the fantastic notes and pictures of Allan Donaldson, Dave Forsyth, Chris Findlay and Bud Andress, Fall Geology/Ecology Boat Tour - St Lawrence River 1000 Islands (2010).  Please refer to this attached pdf for further information.

Download the Geology Boat Tour of the St Lawrence, Thousand Islands 2010 booklet.  Herein contains the descriptions and photos of each geology point of interest.

This tour (requiring water transportation) will visit 8 sites that collectively illustrate the major geological components of the region: a) igneous Grenville rocks of the Precambrian Shield; b) unmetamorphosed basal Paleozoic quartz sandstone and overlying beds of limestone and dolostone; c) and unconsolidated Late Cenozoic deposits of Pleistocene glacial till, sand and gravel that in most places blanket the older consolidated rocks. At each stop the descriptions in the above pdf will discuss the rock types present, stressing significant geological features (such as contact relationships between different rock types, primary sedimentary structures, and the trace fossils) that serve to reveal many details about geological history.

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