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FAB Local Flavours News

Fresh Veggies all season long- The CSA way


It's that time of year when we start anticipating all of the upcoming delicious local produce that will be available in our area. The local farmers and growers are busy planning their plantings, getting seeds ready, organizing their greenhouses and, in general, looking forward to another exhausting but rewarding season. 

The Taste of Local Sunflower Oil

Kricklewood Farm's Sunflower Oil

There is something about sunflowers that put a smile on your face. Dale Horeczy and Brad Daily from Kricklewood Farm produce wonderful sunflower oil. The two farmers grew up in Manitoba where the fields of sunflowers are a common sight. Now they live on a farm in Frankville where they have goats, chickens, ducks, and fields of sunflowers. They make soap, beeswax candles and sunflower oil.

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