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An Amazing Local Food Tour

Trail information: 

Click Download Map for a printable description of this route


This route will take you through the back roads of some of the prettiest countryside of the Biosphere.  It's perfect for introducing visitors to the region with lots of reasons for them to come back and continue exploring.  While you explore, the highlighted stops will give you opportunities to sample and purchase some of the culinary treasures of the area as well as history and culture.  11 stops, 3 of them designated Amazing Places, are highlighted, but there are so many other places you can visit along the way.  This trip can easily take all day or even a weekend with a stay in one of the beautiful towns along the way

Start and end at the Old Stone Mill in Delta.

Leave the Old Stone Mill in Delta and turn right on King Street.  Follow County Road 42. 
*1st stop, Mensen Farm on your right (sign) Maple Syrup and other local produce..the best Strawberries when in season.

Leave Mensen Farm turn right back on 42.  Follow 42 into Athens.  Turn left on County Rd. 5.  Turn right on Mother Barnes road.

*2nd stop on your left, The Golden Moment Farm, Maple Syrup (Site of the Samuel Whitemore house)  (friendly Golden Retrievers on site) 

Leave farm turn left back onto Mother Barnes Road.

*3rd stop Mother Barnes site/cabin.  The site is not well marked but the cabin is in a field just before you reach Deir Rd. 
536 County Rd 42, Portland.  The cabin is on private property so please enjoy it from the road.

Turn right on Dier Rd. Turn left onto Lake Eloida Rd. Pass King Rd and just before you get to County Rd. 8 you will find the historical marker for Abel Stevens.   

*Across the road is the 4th stop, The Stevens Cemetery.  The site is the resting place of Abel Stevens, an American Rebel who turned Loyalist and moved from the US to Canada.  He was the founder of the town of Delta.  You can read about his life in a story published in the Kingston Wig-Standard

• From Lake Eloida Rd. turn Left onto County Rd. 8.  At the end, turn right on 42 towards Phillipsville.  Continue on County Road 42, pass the turn to Elgin on your left and continue towards Forfar.

*6th stop Marion’s Honey beekeeper/produce 

Continue on 42 though the small hamlet of Forfar.  While not a specific stop on the route you don't want to miss the Forfar Cheese Factory for ice cream and a rest stop.   Head straight towards Young Hills Road.  At the end of Young Hills Road turn right onto Highway 15.  Just before Portland gas station turn left onto Cove Road.  Pass horse farm (right) and then right onto Big Rideau Lake road.  Ahead and then left onto MaCann road at the end.  Right onto Narrows Lock Road.  Continue on this road till you see the bridge and locks  (great view and resting area).

Continue on Narrows Lock Rd. and turn left on Merkley Rd. then quick left onto North Shore road.  At the end turn left onto Grady road (at the end Foley Mountain hiking area).  
*7th stop.  Stretch your legs with a hike around Foley Mountain Conservation Area and check out the view of Westport from the Amazing Place, Spy Rock

Turn from Grady road left onto County Rd. 10 into Westport (Stunning view).  Take first right Bedford street passed The Cove (right) and further School/Church (left).  Continue after stop sign past the Beer store on your right 

*8th Stop Scheuermann Vineyard & Winery (lunch option or return to Westport for other options) f.i. The Cove, Cottage House, Tangled Garden etc.  

Leave the village of Westport (gas station on your left) on County road 42 towards Newboro.  Drive through or stop in Newboro (lockstation/historic main street, Kilborns).  Continue on 42 to Crosby.  Turn right on 15 then again turn right onto Crosby road.  Right onto Clear lake road.  Right onto Chaffey’s lock road.

*9th stop Chaffey’s Locks/The Opinicon (ice cream, rest area/locks,Gallery)  

Back on Chaffeys Lock Road to Cross road.  Left onto Davis lock road  (possible visit to Davis lock).  Right onto Bush road.  Right onto Sand Lake road. 

*10th Stop Jones Falls.  Leave time in your schedule to explore this Amazing Place.  Jones Falls boasts the highest lift in the Rideau Canal system.  Lots to explore and learn about the history of the Rideau Canal. 

From Jones Falls take County road 11b back to 15 turn right towards Morton.  Plan ahead and go for a hike at Rock Dunder just after Morton on Stanley Lash road.  The site is open from May 15 to November 15. Access requires the purchase of a pass from the Rideau Waterway Land Trust.  Visit their website to get a day pass or season pass.  

In the Village of Morton turn left onto Briar Hill Road.  Follow the signs to Wendy’s Country Market.
*11th Stop local produce and take out in quaint Old School Building.

Finish up your route with a stop in the town of Lyndhurst.  See the oldest bridge in Ontario and shop at The Green Gecko.
Follow Lyndhurst Rd. (Rt. 33) through Lyndhurst.  Turn left on Hilcock Rd. and left again on County Rd. 42 back into Delta.

153 km
Trip Length / Distance: 

Driving Time: 2 hrs 10 min

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