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Cycling in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere

Exploring from the seat of a bicycle is an ideal way and pace to experience the diversity of the landscape and communities. Roads here, particularly the roads less travelled, twist and turn, with hills and valleys, bordering fields and wending through shady woodlands. No grid-patterns of roads here! Road builders followed the lay of the land, where granite ridges and lakes, wetlands and streams shaped the pattern of highways and byways.

Cyclists have a new experience around every turn, with routes traversing geological history, and the history of settlements and land use. The breeze on your face is fragrant with sun-warmed pine and oak forests, the cool dampness of marshes the and sweetness of wheat, hay and cornfields. Songbirds and choruses of frogs are music for your ears. Keep the camera ready – there are vistas and heritage highlights to record as mementos of your authentic experience in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere.

The area to explore from these cycle routes is nearly the size of the Province of Prince Edward Island, and takes you in the region of Brockville and Prescott, to Kingston, Sydenham and Westport, to Smith Falls, Merrickville and Kempville. And, there’s the lure of bakeries and coffee shops! Check the FAB Local Flavours listings along your routes for the ideal places to rest and refuel. 

While every public road is a potential route, the routes assembled here are your insight into local knowledge. If you’re on an extended trip transiting the FAB region, looking for a casual family outing, or yearning for something more adventurous, this is the site for you. Consider staying in the FAB region for a few days, riding several routes for a great sampling of the Biosphere, and its story. 

The site shows the categories of routes to help guide you to routes best suited to you and your abilities. The full collection of routes can be found at as well as in this site.

By no means are the routes described here the only wonderful cycling routes of the region!  You may have discovered a route that you would like to share with others, and we’d be delighted to learn about it, and work with you to describe and map it.  Drop us a line.

Or, the full collection of routes at can be found at collection. For helpful hints in using this tool, see "Guide to" on the left.

The Frontenac Arch Biosphere is guided in the development of this site by the Biosphere Trails Council which in turn is a member of the Ontario Trails Council. The Biosphere Trails Council is a network of many organizations engaged in promoting sustainable exploration of the region. Neither the Biosphere nor the Council owns any trails, property or rights of way. All trails and routes described in this site are either owned and/or managed by agencies or other organizations, or are exercising public rights of way and roads. As you explore this site, you'll find links to further information about those other groups. All trails and routes described are either sanctioned trail systems, or are suggested routes on public roads or waterways. is used with permission.

The cycle route content is very much a work in progress. Existing routes will be enhanced with more information about interesting places to stop and sights to see.  Please contact us to pass along your comments and suggestions.

These routes vary from short loops to all-day challenges, covering the range of terrain the region's roads offer for those looking for a more adventurous ride.
These routes are key through-routes of interest to cycle-tourists on major journeys, e.g. the Waterfront Trail Route.
These routes tend to be shorter, gentler routes using quiet roads or off-road paths suitable for families or those seeking a more casual outing.

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