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Countryside Cruising & Tours

Outlet Rd near Charleston Lake

These routes vary from short loops to all-day challenges, covering the range of terrain the region's roads offer for those looking for a more adventurous ride. All of these routes follow public roads, some quieter than others.

These routes are likely of most interest to those cyclists with some experience riding on rural and county roads, to those who understand how to dress and what supplies to carry with them on outings lasting from an hour or so to all day.

Most of these routes are loops, staring and ending at the same location.  Some routes may cross themselves one or more times, and they may have an out-and-back stretch along common roads for part of the way.  Many of the loops could be started/ended in a different location, combined, shortened, lengthened or otherwise modified to suit your mood.

Please read the notes and cautions given with each route. Some road segments are known to be busier at certain times. Using the information will help you plan a more enjoyable and safer ride.

Depending on the day and time, facilities may be limited at some of the starting locations.

Overview  of bike routes for Countryside Cruising and Tours below:

Countryside Cruising and Tours

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