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Bike Friendly Businesses

There are few sources of information about businesses that recognize the unique needs of cycle tourists and tailor their reception to be inclusive of two-wheeled customers.

Both Velo Hospitality and the Welcome Cyclists Network are good places to search.  They both offer a certification and promotion program, with Velo-Hospitality's listing spanning the country, and Welcome Cyclists focusing on Ontario.

For cyclists, there's information and links for accommodations, food services, events, attractions, trails and routes.

For providers, it's an easy way to reach the growing numbers of cycle tourists.  If you want more information on joining either of these initiatives, please contact them through their websites.

If you're a grass-roots, independent and largely self-reliant cycle tourist, then the global network Warm Showers may be more to your liking.  You can join for free as a cyclist or provider.  Cyclists can use the website to find homes where they're welcomed with services ranging from something as simple as shelter from the rain or a quiet place to pitch a tent for the night, all the way to indoor accommodation with or without meals or cooking facilities.  Those wishing to share their homes or space with cycle tourists can make such an offer through the members-only network.

If there are additional services available to cycle tourists or providers, please contact us to let us know, and we'll include them here.


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