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Charleston Lake Provincial Park

Rock overhang in Charleston Lake Provincial Park
Trail information: 


Click Download Map for a printable trail description of Charleston Lake Provincial Park hiking trails with special descriptions for Blue Mountain and Sandstone Island Trail, both part of our Amazing Places program.  Learn more about these Amazing Places: Blue Mountain and Gordon Rock Shelter


The hiking trails within Charleston Lake Park are varied and include distances for hikers of every experience level. Each trail has a theme:

  • geological and human history of the park
  • the story of Charleston Lake
  • wildlife of the park plant
  • communities of the park
  • Charleston's diverse habitats
  • scenic lookouts

Blue Mountain is a trail network that is part of Charleston Lake Provincial Park. At Blue Mountain, visitors experience the highest altitude in Leeds & Grenville, and have an opportunity to see Charleston Lake and the surrounding area from the mountain top. The moderately difficult hiking trail winds up the mountain past a beaver dam to the peak and then down to Charleston Lake.

The entry to Blue Mountain is well marked - just past the large beaver dam area known as Mosey Lake.


148 Woodvale Road, Lansdowne, Ontario
Click here for directions to CHARLESTON LAKE PROVINCIAL PARK
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Low, Medium and Hard

For more information contact:
Ontario Parks
Phone: (613) 659-2065 
Friends of Charleston Lake Provincial Park

Charleston Lake has the interesting distinction of being cradled in two distinct bedrock types: granite and sandstone.

Indigenous Peoples once sheltered under rock overhangs on the shores of this coldwater lake. Then wealthy Victorian cottagers summered here. The rugged look of the north blended with the south still draws hikers and canoeists to these scenic shores and winding trails.

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