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Jones Creek (TINP)

Trail information: 

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This pocket of wilderness, located between Highway 401 and the 1000 Islands Parkway, features diverse forest and wetland habitats. A remarkable number of plants and animals call the peaceful wetlands, winding streams, and rocky forests home. Jones Creek is a great spot to spot wildlife and admire the biodiversity of Thousand Islands National Park.

Travel through hemlock, oak, beech and maple forests for an older-growth forest experience. Hikers can enjoy a tour through pine and oak ridges to white birch low-lands. These picturesque trails feature pitch pine trees, fern-covered rock faces, creeks, wetlands, beaver ponds, breathtaking views of the creeks and an impressive wetland boardwalk connects the lower and upper sections of the trail.


1270 1000 Islands Parkway
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Low, Medium

For more information contact Thousand Islands National Park of Canada
Phone: 613-923-5261
Fax: 613-923-1021
Website: (detailed trail maps are available for Thousand Islands National Park in PDF format)

St. Lawrence Islands National Park was established in 1904, the first Canadian national park east of the Rocky Mountains. It began with a small piece of waterfront property granted to the federal government by the Mallory family with the stipulation that it be used for "park purposes."

Nine federally owned islands in the St. Lawrence River were added, and recreational facilities were installed. Over the years, islands and land parcels were annexed. Today, the Park comprises more than 20 islands and about 90 islets scattered between Main Duck Island and Brockville, Ontario, and mainland propreties at Mallorytown Landing, Landon Bay, Jones Creek and Larue Mills Creek.

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