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Marble Rock to Charleston Lake

Gananaoque Photo
Trail information: 

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Marble Rock Trail


In the heart of the 1000 island between Kingston and Brockville. Take the 401 exit off 645 for County Rd-32 south toward Gananoque.


IMPORTANT: At present, there is no sanctioned portage around the dam at Marble Rock. The east side of the River at Marble Rock is private property. DO NOT TRESPASS! Portaging around the dam on the west side of the river is at your own risk.

For more information visit:
Gananoque Paddle Trail

The Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network and any of its members do not assume any liability for personal or property injury or damages that paddlers may encounter on this route. This guide is intended solely as description of features and history of the waterway. Notes on the location of access points and portages are presented as information, and not as instruction. Paddlers using this guide and route do so entirely at their own risk.

This paddling route begins at Marble Rock, on the Gananoque River. Travelling upstream, heading north, on the Gananoque River for approximately 4.2 Kilometres, you will make a right (East) onto Witlse Creek. This creek, running about 13 km long, will take you right to Charlestion Lake.

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