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Route 2 - Marble Rock to Lyndhurst

Gananoque Route 2 Photo
Trail information: 

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Marble Rock Trail


IMPORTANT: At present, there is no sanctioned portage around the dam between Routes One and Two.  The east side of the River at Marble Rock is private property.  DO NOT TRESPASS.    Portaging around the dam on the west side of the river is at your own risk

Trip Length / Distance: 

The distance is about 28 to 29 kilometres from the access point at the Marble Rock Road bridge to the access area at Lyndhurst. It is, potentially, a day’s worth of pleasant paddling.

The Marble Rock to Lyndhurst section of the Gananoque waterway paddle route is the longest. The description of this section of the river runs upstream. The current is not swift, and most often not even noticeable, but the prevailing southwesterly wind would generally be at your back on the upstream journey.

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