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Jones Falls to Lower Beverley Lake

Trail information: 

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Old Stone Mill, Jones Falls


Trip Length / Distance: 

20 km (full day trip)

 This paddle route begins at Jones Falls and winds its way towards Delta, but you could also paddle from Delta to Jones Falls instead.  When leaving Jones Falls, it is recommend that you paddle along the east shoreline to avoid the heavy boat traffic on the Rideau Waterway. You will turn northeast at Deans Island and paddle through Morton Creek (with a short portage around a dam).  From Morton Creek, you will enter Oak Bay.  East of Oak Bay is Lost Bay and Wellys Bay, both good pike and bass fishing spots.

Continuing your paddle northeast, you will go past Horse Island and enter Lower Beverley Lake.  If the weather is nice and water is calm, you can paddle across the lake towards Delta.  However if the weather and water is rougher, you could travel north following the shoreline which eventually turns south towards Delta. 

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