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Loughborough Lake

Loughborough Lake
Trail information: 

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Notes and Cautions: 

This information is based on the guide and map of Canoe Route 7-77, produced by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA).  The CRCA’s canoe routes can be viewed at


Loughborough Lake stretches roughly 24 km long.  You can either paddle one half of the lake or the entire length of the lake if you feel up for a bigger challenge. 

The Loughborough Loop begins at the boat ramp (where Perth Road crosses the lake).  Beginning from here, head towards the northeastern section of the lake, following the south shoreline.  You will travel through a group of islands into Battersea Bay.  Afterwards, continue to head northeast through a group of islands (Hurricane, Sunset, and Sheep Islands).  As you keep paddling, eventually the lake will become quite narrow, offering a more quiet setting away from civilization.   As you approach the end (and headwaters) of Loughborough Lake you will pass Doe, Buck and Snake Islands. At the end, travel back to the boat ramp along the north shoreline.

After you return to the boat ramp, you can decide if you want to paddle the southeastern section of Loughborough Lake (or maybe save  the paddle for another day).

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