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Charleston Lake to Lyndhurst

Lyndhurst to Charleston

Trail Information

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Gordon Rock Shelter


There is a public boat ramp (operated by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority) in the town of Charleston, at the end Water St. This marked as by the Dock symbol in the map in the town of Charleston (upper right corner).

Additional Information

Charleston Lake offers beautiful scenery of the valleys of ancient bedrock. Also Charleston Lake Provincial Park offers great hiking trails, lookouts, and campsites for visitors to explore the area.

This paddling route guides you from Charleston Lake towards the town of Lyndhurst. There are many departure points from Charleston Lake; depending if your coming from Witlse Creek, a Charleston Lake Provincial Park campsite, or the public boat ramp in Charleston. Either way this route will take you west towards to Red Horse Lake, where you will need to portage.

As you near the portage route of Charleston Lake to Red Horse Lake, you will be portaging on a 3,000 year old portage route (about 560 m long). Once you put in your boat in Red Horse Lake, continue to paddle west towards Singleton Lake (note: heading south brings you towards Marble Rock). At this point this paddle route is also the Gananoque Water Trail, which goes all the up towards Lyndhurst and Delta.