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Gananoque River Paddling Trail

The Gananoque River contains marvelously scenic views, including the lakes and streams that extend its watercourse. The Gananoque River Paddling Trail winds through the heart of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve and the Thousand Islands watershed.

This route is comprised of three sections. Section 1 is the stretch of river from the town of Gananoque on the St. Lawrence to the dam at Marble Rock. The 2nd section extends from above the dam at Marble Rock to the village of Lyndhurst at Lyndhurst Lake. The 3rd section covers the waterway of Lyndhurst Creek above the dam at Lyndhurst, through Lower Beverly Lake to the community of Delta, between Upper and Lower Beverly Lakes.

This guide follows the route from south to north. While at first glance, this seems to go against the flow, the current speed is overall quite slow. However, in going south to north, for the most part the wind will be at your back. The prevailing wind of the region is from the southwest, and on many afternoons can be brisk. Therefore, the upriver passage actually tends to be the path of least resistance.