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Additional Information

The Gananoque River is by no means a large river, in length or volume of flow. It is approximately 28 km long on the portion that carries its name, from the south end of Red Horse Lake to where it empties into the St. Lawrence River. Measuring from its headwaters, in small streams to the northwest of Upper Beverley Lake, north of the town of Athens, the waterway meanders about 70 km in total. Even so, it has a most interesting history. Today, the river is controlled over its length by dams. Some of these control the seasonal flow; some direct the river to generate hydro electric power.

The Gananoque River portion of the Thousand Islands watershed, along with the routes through the Islands themselves, are the first of several paddle routes that will be developed for this region. In the future, additions will be made to assist exploration of Charleston Lake and Wiltse Creek, Morton Creek to the Cataraqui River, and connections to Frontenac Provincial Park and area waterways. As well, portages that separate sections along the Gananoque River itself will hopefully be further developed and described.

The Gananoque River Paddling Trail guide and map will introduce you to the unique ecology of the area, the rich history, features of fascination and area businesses that will make the journey all the more pleasant.