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Christie Lake to Perth

Trail Information

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There is public boat ramp (also the Route Head on the map) on the Hanna Side Road for you to put in your boat.

Notes and Cautions

There are a series of rapids present on this route, and should always be approached with caution and navigated safely. Also be cautious when making the final run into Glen Tay, there is the *OMYA intake site that should be avoided by staying to the right side of the river. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you use proper navigation maps (our maps are meant only to be supplemented).

Also, the time of year and water levels will affect the ease of travel on this paddle route. In mid to late summer, the water levels may be very low in areas that will make paddling very difficult. Overall this route is not entirely easily, and should not be done by less able paddlers.

* OMYA takes water from the Tay River to produce dry ground calcium carbonate products for various industries

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Friends of the Tay Watershed:

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Additional Information

This paddle route lies in the Tay watershed and runs on the middle portion of the Tay River (from Christie Lake to Perth). This section contains a mixture of wilderness solitude, historic mills, bridges, small dams, and the Town of Perth (a nice place to stop and eat). But be forewarned there are rapids and bridges present that should be approached and navigated with caution.