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Opinicon and Sand Lake


Chaffeys Lock

Trip Length / Distance

Including the two side trips, the entire route is 97 km (or 2-3 days worth of paddling).


If you take the side trip towards Hart Lake and Crow Lake, there is a possible extension into Loughborough Lake. From Hart Lake you can paddle southwest through Loughborough Lake Creek and into Loughborough Lake. However, this creek is navigable only in the early spring when the water levels are high.

For further information visit Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority for canoe route details:

Notes and Cautions

The portage trail from Hart Lake to Crow Lake is over a winding path that may be difficult to traverse.

Additional Information

This route starts at the low end of Chaffeys lock, traveling through Opinicon Lake and Sand Lake (both located on the Rideau Waterway). There are also two side trips, one taking you south towards Crow Lake and the other towards Darlings Bay (west on Opinicon Lake).

The surrounding area contains some of Queen’s University Biological Station properties. For more information visit: