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Canoe Lake Road to Devil Lake Creek Portage

Mitchell Creek

Trail Information

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Park on the west side of Canoe Lake road, just north of the bridge (located near the intersection of Canoe Lake Road, Desert Lake Road, and Bedford Road). There is a trail where you can put in your boat on the west side of the bridge.

Trip Length / Distance

The distance from the bridge at Canoe Lake Road to the portage at Devil Lake Creek is about 8.7 kilometers. Therefore the paddle there and back is roughly 6 hours long (including stops).

Notes and Cautions

The first section: Mitchell Creek

The paddle through Mitchell Creek is very scenic with very calm water. Your boat will glide effortlessly across lily pads and various aquatic plants on this journey. Also if you bring your fishing pole, you will be rewarded with excellent fishing opportunities.

Middle Section – Birch Lake and Kingsford Lake

As you leave Mitchell Creek you will enter Birch Lake and the exterior of Frontenac Provincial Park (located on the south shoreline). If you feel like taking a break, there is a campsite (no.7) and portage point (for Arkon Lake) on the south shoreline not too far away from Mitchell Creek. Here you can use the picnic tables and outhouse.

Last section – last stretch to Kingsford to Devil Lake Creek portage

This last section of the route towards the Kingsford to Devil Lake portage, is a pretty easy paddle with a couple of cottages dotting the north shoreline. When you reach the portage point, take a break and perhaps take a dip in the lake to cool off, before heading back along the same route to the bridge at Canoe Lake Road.

Additional Information

This is a nice, fairly easy going day paddle along the exterior of Frontenac Provincial Park. Including stops and breaks, the paddle route should take about 6 hours long. The beginning section of the route travels through Mitchell Creek, which is an especially scenic and easy paddle to do. Also there are great fishing opportunities along this route.