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Devil Lake to Devil Lake Creek Portage

Devil Lake


There is public boat launch on the west side of Perth road. You can park your car on the east shoulder of Perth road (opposite of the boat launch).

Trip Length / Distance

It is approximately 8.5 kilometers from the boat launch to the portage at Devil Lake Creek. The time will vary depending on the wind conditions, especially on Devil Lake, but on a calm day it should take about 6 hours to paddle there and back.

Notes and Cautions

As noted earlier, the winds on Devil Lake can turn the waters very choppy and difficult for paddling. In these cases, it may be recommended that you paddle following the southern or northern shoreline (depending on which way the wind is blowing) for protection. However, if you are fortunate enough to paddle to the group of islands in the center of Devil Lake, you will find shelter among these islands. Note that the western half of the islands contains shallow areas and logs near the surface to be careful of when navigating.

Additional Information

Click "Download Map (PDF)" link to the right to download/print guide & map of the paddle route.

Paddling across Devil Lake and exploring its center group of islands is very scenic and fun. However, caution must be taken when paddling across Devil Lake in the open stretches. Winds on the lake can become quite treacherous (hence the name “Devil Lake”). On a nice calm day, this day paddle route should take about 6 hours.

The paddle route is fairly straight forward from the boat launch. Simply head west between Vanderbilts and Miller island, and then paddle across an open stretch of water towards Turnip island. Just past Turnip island is the group of islands located in the center of Devil Lake. Once there, take your time and explore this interesting group of islands. Also, note that the western half of the islands contains certain shallow areas and logs near the surface.

When you leave the islands, continue west across another stretch of open water. You will approach Frontenac Provincial Park (on the south shoreline) and enter more isolated, calmer waters of Devil Lake. Along the way, there is an interesting white/orange cliff face to admire.

At the end of the route you can either stop at the Devil Lake Creek portage (Devil to Kingsford) or the Moulton Lake portage for a break. From here you can walk a bit of the hiking or portage trail before heading back towards the boat launch.