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Thousand Islands National Park Marine Trail System

Gordon Island
Photo Credit: Thousand Islands National Park

Trail Information

Many of the 20 St. Lawrence Islands that comprise Thousand Islands National Park have small trail networks that run through them and are accessible by boat. Most islands have docks, trails and shelters.


Click here for directions to MALLORYTOWN LANDING (Visitor's centre for Thousand Islands National Park and boat launch can be found here)
*Note: Directions may lead to map coordinates (in longitude/ latitude)

Further Details

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Additional Information

Thousand Islands National Park is located in the heart of the 1000 Islands area, an 80-km wide extension of granite hilltops joining the Canadian Shield of northern Ontario with the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. Glaciers retreated 10,000 years ago scraping sediments and exposing the rounded knobs of an ancient mountain chain. When the St. Lawrence River flooded the area on its path to the Atlantic Ocean, 1000 hilltops became the 1000 Islands.

Originally named the St. Lawrence Islands National Park, the park was established in 1904, the first Canadian national park east of the Rocky Mountains. It began with a small piece of waterfront property granted to the federal government by the Mallory family with the stipulation that it be used for "park purposes." Nine federally owned islands in the St. Lawrence River were added, and recreational facilities were installed. Over the years, islands and land parcels were annexed. Today, the Park comprises more than 20 islands and about 90 islets scattered between Main Duck Island and Brockville, Ontario, and mainland properties at Mallorytown Landing, Landon Bay, Jones Creek and Larue Mills Creek.