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Historic Public Buildings

St Johns Roman Catholic Church - Gananoque
St Johns Roman Catholic Church - Gananoque
St Andrews - Gananoque
St Andrews - Gananoque
Brockville Museum
Brockville Museum

Trail Information

See our Hiking section for a list of heritage walking tours of historic commercial buildings and other attractions.

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Additional Information


In 1791, some 500,000 acres of land were granted for school properties in Ontario but the parents had to take the responsibility for their children’s education. In 1816 the first Common School Act was passed. This Act established two principals, the first that education ought to be a matter of primarily local initiative and control and second that the whole society as represented by the Ontario Government had some financial responsibility to support these local initiatives. The Act specified each community could build a common school provided that the community paid part of the teacher’s salary and the teacher was boarded by the parents. At least 20 students were to attend school and were to be taught English, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography and Bookkeeping. The system of primary schools blossomed, as thousands of one room and some larger schools were constructed.


Historic lodges include two Masonic Halls, the community hall at Chaffeys Lock, the Mallorytown legion, the Women’s Institute Hall, and the Oddfellows Hall.

Government Buildings

Historic government buildings vary from town halls to post offices.


See the map for the location of 29 churches found in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere area (not all may still exist).


There are 10 museums found within the Frontenac Arch Biosphere.