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Historic Structures

Brockville Tunnel
Brockville Tunnel
Rideau Canal Locks
Rideau Canal Locks

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Spencerville Dam and Mill:

Andress Boatworks:

Ed Huck Marine:

Rideau Canal Lockstations:

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Additional Information

Rideau Canal Locks:

The locks of the Rideau Canal are a historic feature of the Rideau Canal (a designated National Historic Site of Canada and UNESCO World Heritage Site). The 49 locks along the Rideau Canal, allows boaters to travel a length of 202 Kilometers. It stretches from Ottawa to Kingston, linking the lakes and rivers in between. The locks are still in operation, see below for more information on the Rideau Canal Info website.


Jones Falls Dam, located on the Rideau Canal, was built in 1831 and completed in 1832. At the time it was the largest dam in North America, and considered to be a marvelous engineering feat. Also, of interesting note, is its nickname the “Whispering Dam” because of the arch shape of the dam and sand stone material, allows two people to communicate to each other at a distance of 110 m when standing at either ends of the top edge of the dam. The physical dimensions of the dam is 110 m long, 18 m high, and 8 m thick.

Another historical dam is the Spencerville Dam and Mill, located at 11 Water Street. This dam was built in 1811 on the South Nation River. Today the mill has been restored and is the last remaining mill on the South Nation River. Public visits are open to the Spencerville Dam and Mill.

Historic Boat Sites:

Andress Boatworks was first formed by a boat builder named Mr. Ed. Andress, who moved to Rockport in the 1920’s. Eventually his son, Elmer, joined the business and it was called “W.E. Andress & Son”. In 1981, Elmer and his father had retired and sold their business to Ed’s granddaughter and husband, Wendy and Art Merkley. The two new owners partnered with Wendy’s brother, Dick Johntson (a family boat builder) to form “Andress Boatworks”. Today it is still open and in operation.

Huck’s Marina story began with the move of Fred Huck to Rockport in 1889. In 1905, Fred purchased an 11 acre site, which is the current site of Huck’s marina. From 1889 to 1945, Fred and his family built about 50 invictus engines. Since then, the future generations of the family took over the business and today it is still open and running.

Historic Railway Stations:

The former Brockville & Westport railway stations were first in service in 1884, a rail line distance of 73 km. The original intent was to extend its line to Sault Ste. Marie, but lack of funds prevented this. The last train to run this line was on August 30, 1952.

The Brockville Tunnel is Canada’s first railway tunnel. It is located beneath the city of Brockville, ON and passes under City Hall. The tunnel runs in a northern direction for a distance of 527 m. Construction of the tunnel began in 1854, and opened for railway traffic on December 31, 1860. The tunnel was built to link Brockville’s port facilities on the St. Lawrence River and the Ottawa Valley for the timber trade. Only special height-shortened diesel trains were permitted to use the tunnel, until the tunnel was closed in the mid-1970s.